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The website is maintained by the team at "Senior Moves" a nursing homes placement and senior relocation service. Senior Moves provides a comprehensive nursing homes placement service offering families unbiased advice and practical assistance on all nursing home matters - from assisting you to select the right nursing home, based upon quality of care and lifestyle programs, to understanding and negotiating the fees and charges associated with care and accommodation at the nursing home.

Our knowledge and experience has been used by many families to make sure that an informed decision is made about the important area of a nursing home selection and admission.

Selecting the right Nursing Home

If only selecting the right nursing home involved just browsing an online aged care directory or reading glossy brochures ! That would be easy.

The reality is that an accurate assessment of quality care, accommodation, and lifestyle services provided by any nursing home requires proper research and time-consuming tasks that must go well beyond looking at the carefully selected images and marketing content provided by aged care providers. Well, that's what we think - and most families have agreed with us.

Making sure that you make the right decision can sometimes be overwhelming. What is the quality of care provided? Are the care staff only "task orientated" or do they go that extra step to ensure that residents enjoy a quality experience ? Are there worthwhile activity programs established? Is the nursing home within the family budget? Do you take a vacancy just because it is there - or will you regret the hasty decision?

There are a large number of factors to consider, so choosing the right nursing home for your family can become a daunting task for a beginner.

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