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Your go-to source for information and advice on residential care services.

Our website provides many useful resources to help you make informed decisions about the care of your loved ones.

With a rapidly aging population, the demand for nursing homes and aged care services is increasing. Choosing the right aged care provider can be a daunting task, but we're here to help. Our website is designed to guide you through the process of selecting the best care option for your loved one, whether it's a nursing home, home care service, or retirement home.

We understand that the decision to move into a nursing home or to arrange for aged care services can be emotional and overwhelming. That's why we offer a wealth of information to help you make the right choice. Our website covers everything from eligibility criteria and funding options to the types of care services available and how to compare nursing homes.

We also provide information on how to maintain physical and mental health in a nursing home, common health concerns, and strategies for promoting well-being. Additionally, we cover end of life care, including palliative care and grief and loss. At Nursing Homes Australia, we're committed to ensuring that nursing home residents receive the highest quality care possible. That's why we provide useful resources and support services, including advocacy and complaints processes, to help you navigate the aged care system.

Residential Placement Specialists

The residential care placement team has been helping families with information about choosing the right nursing home and understanding the financials since 2002.

We have helped more many families through the process of nursing home placement and accommodation fee negotiation. was established after observing the common difficulties and stresses that families encountered when they approached the task of placing a relative into residential care.

Each family undertaking an aged care placement for their loved one:

  • Approached the emotional task with similar needs and concerns.

  • Undertook similiar activities - devoting their limited time and valuable effort.

  • Only to uncover the same information and make many of the same mistakes as families that had gone before them.

There had to be a better way to complete this important activity and to achieve a positive outcome for the family.

Our aged care placement specialists have assisted many families with the move to retirement living, serviced apartments, community group homes, assisted living, supported residential services and Commonwealth subsidised aged care accommodation.

We have knowledge, experience and the important contacts which can help you today.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact our friendly team for a chat.