What our family clients say ...

Mrs C. Boehm

   We just received notification from Sharina at Seaviews Manor that they will take John and Jean with a very reasonable accommodation payments. We have accepted the offer of accommodation and will pick up the paperwork tomorrow. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. We could not be happier with the outcome.

Ms K. Peltzer

   We have just gone through the complicated process of settling my father into a room at an aged care home. Most people don't realise that the accommodation payment is totally negotiable. After being told that some families borrow money to cover the accommodation payment I searched the internet and found a business that negotiates the accommodation payment. Nursing Homes negotiates the accommodation payment on behalf of the family and in our case the accommodation payment required was reduced to what was asked for originally, saving Dad $121,000. My understanding is they will also search and find a suitable place for your family member. I highly recommend the service. They are understanding and efficient, without being aggressive towards the facility they are dealing with. Just thought you may want the details to pass on to anyone who is going through the process of finding an aged care facility.

Mrs Lorraine Connell

   I must say how delighted we are with the aged care home, it is so wonderful. Mother is extremely happy and Brian and I are so impressed with the care. We cant thank you enough for all your help, its been wonderful and we really wouldnt be in this position now without you. I can return interstate to my own home with a much lighter heart - confident in mothers care and happiness. Sincere thanks and all the best.

Mrs Sharon Bell

   Thanks for your help with everything - you take that burden off people's shoulders just by knowing the ins and outs of the industry that most of us are never exposed to. To bounce off someone 'that knows' is more help than you realise.

Mrs Yvonne Smith

   Thank you for finding me such a great place. I'm settling in well and Allen told me that you were a lot of help in finding this home for me - regards.

Mrs L. Webb

   Thank you for all your help - it has certainly made navigating all the paperwork easier. I consider myself fortunate having worked in aged care and have some idea of where to start - pity help other families who do not have a clue.

Mr Don W. Letcher

   Just a note to say a big thank you for all of the effort you put in on my behalf. I am delighted with the result.

Mr Steven M.

   Thanks. Mum has been in the aged care facility now for nearly 2 weeks, time goes quickly! Im still very pleased with the facility, the staff are very nice, and it is good to be able to visit more regularly as it is only 10 mins from home. The single room is just what I was hoping for, and we have started making it more homely with a nice coloured doona and pictures, and some of mums trinkets put in place. My eldest son called in the other day and he was so pleased and said it felt bright and friendly with the nice central gardens in the middle. It made him happy knowing his grandma was in a much nicer place than the previous aged care home. Cheers.

Dr. Ron Bassett

   Thank you for all your help in relation to finding a suitable home for my Mum and Dad. Your efforts were greatly appreciated by not only them but also myself. It surely is a maze trying to work out how this whole area works in practice and your services certainly assisted us in that regard. Although I know that there are difficulties to be faced by them, I am sure that they will find it much easier to deal with these in their new home. They appear to be settling in well. Please stay in touch. kind regards.

Marilyn Spencer

   Just a note of thanks for all your help and support, you have been fantastic. I would have had several nervous breakdowns if it weren't for your support. I will recommend your services to all of my friends and acquaintances who face the same decisions and challenges. Again all my thanks.

Mr. John N.

   Last Monday, we admitted John to Kirkbrae for his aged care needs. We realise that high level care (mainstream) with a private room to the standard John has is difficult to obtain. herefore, I thank you, together with Richard B. , Neville G. and John B. for your placement service for our dear friend.

Stephen G. and Sue W.

   Many thanks for making a potentially difficult time a positive experience for all of us.

Mrs Carmel Thomas

   Thank you for all your help. I would not have had a hope all on my own. I hope Brian settles in well, he should do so. Thanks again.

Mr. G. Thompson

   Your assistance in locating a place for my mum where she lives and then negotiating with the aged care facility was such a relief for me and very much appreciated. Also, your advice in relation to the costs when entering low care, as well as providing referrals to trusted financial advice has been invaluable. Thank you.

Mr Peter Cochran

   Although I have worked as a Business Manager in Aged Care for the past 8 years in both the private and not-for-profit areas, I was not aware of a suitable facility to place my Mother in the area that she wanted to live. Your personal help in finding a suitable place is much appreciated. Both yourself and Andrea's warm and friendly nature is totally unobtrusive and professional, which makes what can be a stressful and difficult situation a lot easier. I, nor anyone in my family, had the time to research which facility would be the most suitable for mum and your service made my family's decison making process time efficient and easier. Your knowledge of the facilities and relationships with providers is worth every cent. I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone in need of help in placing a family member into a residential aged care facility.

Sue and Dennis Christensen

   Yesterday I received a call from the aged care home in the area of which we were looking to get my Father in. My husband and I went to have a look and absolutely loved what we saw. It was exactly what we wanted in a secure dementia room. We immediately took the room and on Monday I go back there to sign all the paperwork, then the following day, we can move our Father in. They did mention that they received all of the necessary paperwork from you guys, which was a blessing to both my husband and I. I would just like to thank all the staff there in taking off the added pressure of doing all the 'dirty' work for us. We are forever grateful to you and your staff. The fee that you charge is more than worth the work and the time that you do. I am in shock of how quick things moved along. As we are at an age where most of our friends are in the same boat, I have been giving your number out and recommending you in high regard. Again, thank you and kind regards.

Debbie King

   I would just like to say Thank you. I cannot express just how much I appreciate all you have done for us. I am extremely close to my wonderful mother and it has been heartbreaking to have watched her suffer the way she has. Finally she is showing improvement and the care and staff are so terrific at .... All thanks to you we can now rest easy knowing she is in great care. Your skills knowledge and expertise have certainly shown through. I think today people are all to quick to make complaints but few take the time to give credit where it is due. So thank you isnt enough to say for the gratitude I feel. The fee was truly worth every cent and I could only highly recommend you to anyone requiring your services. Again many many thanks.


   My sincere thanks to you for just 'being there' at a time when relatives feel so vulnerable, having to deal with the mercenary side of their aged parents needs. I have total confidence in recommending your services should any of my friends be in a similar position. It has taken a huge weight off me, as not being well myself at this time, I found it all very draining. Thanking you once again for your very prompt and effective service and wishing you every success in the future. Kind regards.

Anthony Severn

   Thanks for all you have done for us.

Chris Doyle

   Again let me thank you for your professionalism and efficiency in these negotiations and I add a final note of gratitude from the Doyle Family, as we applaude the result. Our Father, now I'm sure, will settle down and be well looked after in this facility and we'll continue to keep a watchful eye over him in his new home.

Stephen Meurs

   Thanks for your assistance with helping us find a great place for mum and dad. kind regards.

Martin Krygsman

   You guy's did a great job - having people who know the business acting for us made a world of difference.

Alan Jennings

   Patricia, Noel, Colleen and myself are very grateful of your assistance in placement of Mrs Jennings in an ideal home and location. Once again, please accept our gratitude from the family.

Dianne Mawson

   I am really impressed with the aged care home you recommended and extremely happy with the placement. I visited my mum again today and for the first time she seemed back to her bright self, good skin, bright eyes, pretty blouse and fresh lipstick!! Mum commented that the staff are lovely and extremely helpful and 'the food is good'. She has found a buddy and hopefully this is a turnaround point for her. Thanks again to both of you for your help. Kind regards.