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CCSSCI On Luck Chinese Nursing Home - 177 179 Tindals Road DONVALE VIC 3111


177 179 Tindals Road , DONVALE , 3111, VIC

Beds: 120

Category: Community Based

Provider: Chinese Community Social Services Centre Inc

CCSSCI On Luck Chinese Nursing Home
Accreditation Status: Accreditation Report
Source: Aged Care Quality Agency

CCSSCI On Luck Chinese Nursing Home

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The On Luck Chinese Nursing Home is located in Donvale with breathtaking, impressive picturesque valley offering Doncaster city view.

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The vision, as advocated by the Centre's President Fred Chuah, JP, is a nursing home set up by the community for the community – that caters for the linguistic, cultural, social, spiritual, dietary and health care needs of Chinese-speaking elderly.

Since 2006, On Luck Chinese Nursing Home is the only Chinese specific high level aged care residential care facility in Victoria. They provide long-term accommodation and short-term respite care (subjected to availability of places) for Chinese elderly who are no longer able to manage living at home or have specialized care needs that requires professional care 24 hours from Registered Nurses or who require palliative care or dementia specific care in single rooms, shared rooms/couple rooms or dementia specific unit.

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Upon completion of our new building in 2014, On Luck Chinese Nursing Home now provides 120 residential places (30 dementia specific places), making it the largest Chinese Specific Residential Aged Care Facility in Australia.

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Rooms and Amenities

Key features include:

  • 44 singles rooms and 8 double rooms in Building H and K
  • 60 single rooms in the new Building (2014)
  • Each bedroom has its own ensuite with controlled heating/cooling unit
  • Spacious lounge and dining areas in each Residents' Building
  • Purposely-built and well-maintained facilities to ensure residents’ living environment is safe and secure
  • A specially designed dementia-specific unit with 30 single rooms and easy access to a multi-sensory therapy room, and three beautifully landscaped and fully fenced courtyards
  • Unique interior design which enhances the living environment and provides comfort to the resident with spacious corridors and common areas
  • Elegant function hall for festive celebrations and special occasions
  • Hygienic and odourless floor covering; heating/cooling units throughout the facility and quality furniture

Lifestyle Program

On Luck provides extensive and culturally appropriate Lifestyle and Recreation Program led by qualified staff with the involvement of families and volunteers. Program includes individual and group activities and outings such as reading Chinese Newspaper, gentle exercises, Chinese and Australian festival celebrations, visits and performances by community groups, Chinese satellite TV program and mini theatres broadcasting Chinese DVDs around the facility. Residents are supported to express themselves with calligraphy, singing, chess playing, cooking and many other in house games. Multi-sensory therapy room and music therapy are also available.

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What benefits will an Aged Care Placement service provide to you?

The benefits of using an aged care placement service include:

  • Guidance and support - An aged care placement service can provide expert guidance and support to help older adults and their families navigate the complex and often overwhelming process of finding and selecting appropriate long-term care options.

  • Access to information - These services often have access to a wide range of information on available care options, including details on services, amenities, and costs.

  • Advocacy - Aged care placement services can act as an advocate for older adults and their families, helping them to navigate the application and admissions process, and ensuring that their rights and preferences are respected.

  • Coordination - They can help with coordinating the transition to a new care setting, including arranging for necessary medical evaluations, transferring personal belongings, and helping with other logistics.

  • Time-saving - They can save a lot of time and effort for the older adults and their families in finding and selecting the appropriate care options.

  • Cost-effective - It can be cost-effective as some agencies may have a contract with facilities to offer discounted rates.

  • Tailored solutions - They can provide tailored solutions to the unique needs of older adults and their families.

MPIR reducing to 8.34% pa

The Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) will reduce to 8.34% pa from

For a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) of $550,000 the equivalent Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) reduces to $125.67 pd ($45,870 pa).

The Reserve Bank has kept the cash rate on hold for a few months, so we are seeing a very small decrease in the MPIR. This could mean that the MPIR has reached its peak and could be on the slide down.

Also from 1st April 2024, the refurbished Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC) rate of $68.14 means an equivalent Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC) of $298,215. In June 2022 the RAC was $544,719, meaning that aged care homes that are “RAD-focused” are now less likely to look at fully supported / partially supported residents if the aged care home has already exceeded their 40% supported ratio, as the RAC has now dropped below $300,000.

The change in the MPIR to 8.34% is welcomed but should have no major impact on residents as they enter an aged care home from

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Interest rate (MPIR) is: 8.34%pa
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