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as at January 2022

Indochinese Aged Care Services
680 Cabramatta Road West     BONNYRIGG     NSW     2177

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Indochinese Aged Care Services

Are you considering an aged care placement at Indochinese Aged Care Services ?

Do you have an elderly loved one who needs respite care, convalescent care or permanent placement at Indochinese Aged Care Services or another aged care facility in the BONNYRIGG area ?

Preferably with an accommodation payment (RAD / DAP), and any additional service fees, within your budget ?

Reduce the stress

We have been placing residents into residential aged care since 2002, and have detailed knowledge and experience to help you with this important decision about Indochinese Aged Care Services.

Don't be too hasty and make easy mistakes. Access our knowledge and experience prior to making a decision which will have a major impact on your elderly loved one.

Application, admission and negotiating the fees at Indochinese Aged Care Services

  • Providing you with unbiased advice about Indochinese Aged Care Services and other aged care homes near BONNYRIGG .
  • Negotiating RAD's and additional service fees to achieve the best financial arrangement.
  • Explaining strengths and weaknesses of different homes near BONNYRIGG - using our proven checklist to guide the decision.
  • Matching appropriate aged care homes to your family requirements, preferences and timetable.
  • Arranging facility tours to Indochinese Aged Care Services and providing support.
  • Completing necessary Commonwealth forms ie. SA457 or SA485 Asset and Income Assessment form.
  • Accurately completing and lodging the necessary application and admission paperwork for Indochinese Aged Care Services.
  • Be first to hear abour vacancies - prompt notification and response to current vacancies at Indochinese Aged Care Services through our established and trusted relationship with admission coordinators.
  • Provide advocacy and support during the settling-in period and after the placement has been completed.


680 Cabramatta Road West , BONNYRIGG , 2177, NSW

Beds: 88

Category: Community Based

Provider: Indochinese Aged Care Limited

Indochinese Aged Care Services
Accreditation Status: Accreditation Report
Source: Aged Care Quality Agency

RAD / DAP Calculator

RAD / DAP Calculator
from 1st January 2022

        Select Negotiated RAD Amount: $

Use slider for the lump sum paid
to calculate DAP to be paid


        Lump Sum of RAD Paid : $

DAP Payment:$20.20 pd

Current interest rate (MPIR) is: 4.04% pa
(effective 1st January 2022)

MPIR increasing to 4.04% on 1st January 2022

The Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) will be increasing to 4.04% pa from 1st January 2022

MPIR Chart

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