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Polish Retirement Home
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Polish Retirement Home

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Polish Retirement Home Nursing Home

The Polish Retirement Home was built and opened in 1993 thanks to the generosity of the Polish community in Victoria and the Federal Government. It is a government subsidised Hostel, operating to approved standards set by the Federal Department of Health and Aged Care. The Polish Retirement Home is administered by the Australian Polish Benevolent Association (APBA) of Victoria Inc. APBA is a non-profit community organisation established in 1986. With a Victoria-wide membership, its Committee of Management is elected annually.

The Polish Retirement Home is a modern purpose built hostel for the elderly members of the Polish community. The cultural and linguistic needs of the residents are the central core principle of the hostel. the professionally trained caring personnel provide 24-hour care to maintain dignity, self-respect and independence of resident. They are a flexible and multilingual service, including English, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and other Slavic languages being spoken by staff. Accommodating 29 permanent residents and one respite resident, the Polish Retirement Home offers bright, spacious, comfortable and relaxed living within a warm and friendly environment. Respite care is offered for short stays (63 days in a financial year) and is often a good way to be introduced to long-term hostel living. For the majority of elderly people the transition from the family home to a new way of living can be daunting. It is difficult to leave their home, which holds many memories. The neighbourhood is familiar and family and friends often live close by. However, in some cases, moving to a hostel is the right and best decision. It means moving into accommodation shared with other elderly people. More importantly, it means receiving the help and support to live comfortably and securely.

Mission of the Polish Retirement Home

"Our Mission is to provide quality and customised residential care facilities and services to the Polish elderly and disabled in a culturally and linguistically appropriate setting. The Polish Retirement Home contributes to the quality of life and independence of those within the Polish community who are the most vulnerable and in need of assistance. Respect and understanding are the basis of the service.”

Special Nature of the Polish Retirement Home

The Polish Retirement Home like any other ethno-specific Hostel in comparison to mainstream aged care facilities is the “Polish” nature and atmosphere created by a Service provided by Polish people for Polish people. The cultural and linguistic needs of the Residents are not just “additional” criteria within the way the services are delivered. It is as we term it - the care of cultural principle of the organisation.

Cuisine: Food plays a cultural role within an elderly person’s life. For that reason the Hostel emphasizes that the food prepared and served to Residents meets the “Polish palate”. Dietician has been contracted to advice on nutrition and diabetic menu.

As previously Residents are always invited to have a main input into the daily menus through meetings with kitchen Staff to make sure that a full menu of traditional cuisine is served in accordance to Residents preferences. Fresh products from local organic farms were introduces throughout the year.

Pastoral Services: Religion, Faith is an important element in the lives of elderly Poles. The Fathers of Society of Christ Order provide religious services for Roman Catholic Residents; the Holy Mass is conducted every Saturday and other Catholic Church celebrations. Appropriate chaplains provide other Religious ceremonies. Families and individuals from local Polish Community are encouraged to participate in these services.

Special Events: Like every year special events become a tradition i.e. celebration of Christmas Eve and Easter in Polish tradition in the company of the visiting clergy, Residents families ,Staff members and the Committee of Management . Traditional food is served and gifts are presented to the Residents at those special events. Fund raising events have become also a tradition like Annual Fete in Oct / Nov each year.

Five days a week - “activities” sessions are being conducted. During these sessions the Residents enjoy light physical exercises, sitting dances, reading of books/novels, current affairs - Polish and Australian newspapers, discussions, dancing and singing, playing games like cards & bingo, walking in the gardens, bowling , English Language lessons , aromatherapy , cooking sessions , etc.

New activity “Mindfulness” provided by polish speaking psychologist , Mrs. Hanna Gorski helps to decrease anxiety, improves social connections and assists with breathing techniques.

'Music Club' is also very popular among Residents, it is providing relaxation and musical stimulation and a lots of fun. Residents continue with pleasure to take part in Mobility Program and Falls Prevention Program . They enjoy daily walks through walking paths around the Hostel. Those programs greatly improved Residents health and are promoting independence. Every Wednesday Residents participate with a group called “ Prayer and Sing along Group”. During this session Residents pray, sing religious, scouts & patriotic songs. This session usually attends 95% of Residents. Staff Members ensure that every Resident has been provided with emotional support on daily bases to promote their wellbeing in the facility – during ‘One to one’ sessions.

Through the introduction of Pet Therapy - Residents have been enjoying a company of two beautiful cats -Maciuś and Sisi- which has provide them with ‘home like atmosphere’, and now a new friend , a dog called Bentley. During the year (seasonal) excursions are organized to shopping centres & restaurants.

Approaching Christmas time, the Residents make decorations for the Christmas tree. At Easter time traditional painting of eggs is taking place. Finished products are usually displayed in the dining room and lounge for all visitors to admire. All the services are very beneficial for the Residents – for their mental and physical health. Gazebo and walking paths around the Hostel provides excellent outdoor activity. the Activity Programs are very well planned – and individually implemented.


3-5 Percival Street , BAYSWATER , 3153, VIC

Beds: 30

Category: Community Based

Provider: Australian-Polish Benevolent Association of Victoria Inc

Polish Retirement Home
Accreditation Status: Accreditation Report
Source: Aged Care Quality Agency

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